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With the King of Hell dead, Samuel Campbell’s grief drives him to what seems like the only course of action left to redeem his daughter: a crossroads deal. When the demon who answers Campbell’s summons tells him the blood of a very specific angel can open the gates of Purgatory, the Winchesters are drawn into a desperate search in which shifting allegiances and hidden agendas threaten all they hold dear…
AU after 6.15 (The French Mistake); wordcount 75,500

In The Blood (poster)

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Warnings This story includes explicit (NC-17) sex, scenes of violence/torture, and implied non-con. It also contains brief references to severe weather anomalies (tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding) which could potentially distress readers who have experienced these events. Specifically, it mentions a fictional hurricane hitting the Eastern seaboard. This was written prior to the draft date (August 15) and thus prior to Hurricane Irene, and we sincerely hope it doesn’t offend readers.

A/N November 1, 2016 – Original art links broken; replacement art added.


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